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Oakdoor™ Gateway is an all-in-one cyber security unit that includes two data diodes and the necessary processing hardware to provide highly controlled unidirectional or bidirectional data flows. It simplifies deployment of low-capacity boundary devices.

The Oakdoor™ Gateway platform runs the Safe Browse and Safe Data software, and can be used on a desk or mounted in 1U of a 19’’ rack. The Oakdoor™ Gateway offers:

  • Low CapEx and OpEx
  • Simple maintenance
  • Plug and play solution

Single 1U appliance incorporating

  • Import Diode
  • Export Diode
  • Small form factor “shim” PCs

Shim PCs run software to perform

  • Format/protocol conversion
  • File schema checking
  • Format/protocol reversion

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Use cases

Options and support

  • Allows shared desktop access to a server with different toxicity levels or classification through a security gateway.

    The shared desktop enables control of the remote PC, viewing and manipulation of files, and browse of network content.

    • Shared desktop through a security gateway
    • Browse down across toxicity or classification boundaries
    • Data diode protocol breaks with hardware file content verification
    • Protocol conversion and schema checking runs on commodity server hardware
    • Coupling with Safe Data Software allows simultaneous data transfers
  • Secure, reliable and fast upload of large files across the security gateway device.

    Malware protection on the high side network using data wrapping in hardware.

    • High speed file transfer
    • Safe handling of imported content
    • Managed download of image files and tools to import terminal
    • Couples with Safe Browse Software
  • Support to integrate Oakdoor™ Data Diodes with your existing infrastructure, if needed.

    • Integrate and configure the Oakdoor™ Data Diodes or Gateways into your existing infrastructure
    • Customised data transfer to securely transfer your specific data and protocols across Oakdoor™ Data Diode or Gateway
  • A range of support packages is available to make sure your cyber security is always up to date.

    • Software upgrades
    • Technical support


Oakdoor™ Gateway

Diode throughput Up to 1 Gbit/s
Secure internet browsing & shared desktop access Via Safe Browse software (included)
Secure file transfer (including large files) Via Safe Data sofware (included)
Security Enforcing Functions
  • Protocol conversion
  • Reliable file transfer
  • File re-wrapping
  • File routing
Operating temperature range 0–30 °C
Dimensions 350 x 210 x 44 mm
Weight 2500 g
Power 100–240 VAC 50 W
Warranty 1-year hardware warranty

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