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A deep understanding of your people—whether that’s customers, consumers, employees, or stakeholders—is vital to success, both as a catalyst for innovation and proposition development, and as a lighthouse for product and service design. We use mixed-method research to uncover and surface deep insights about people and their needs, behaviours and preferences - so you can put people at the heart of your business choices.

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Using a range of modern, agile, and often digital insight methods, our work helps you make human-centred choices about the future shape of things –products, services, propositions, and innovations.

We use qualitative and quantitative, generative and evaluative, moment-in-time and longitudinal research techniques, to understand the needs, behaviours and motivations of the people who matter to you. And we present that insight as viscerally impactful and revealing evidence to inform your decision making - and help you convince stakeholders - as you identify new opportunities, drive innovative thinking, and make bold, human-centred choices.

We’re committed to helping you put people at the heart of your business, to produce the best experiences possible.

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Online communities
Putting the customer at the heart of your business decisions by providing always-on access.
Journey mapping
Driving change across organisations by understanding, visualising, and communicating your customer’s needs and experiences.
Demand space segmentation
Segmenting customers to more effectively focus product development and target sales and marketing.
Concept testing
Validating proposition, product and service offerings with target audiences to give you the confidence they’ll land well.
Brand strategy and positioning
Helping you create an ownable and unique identity and bringing it to life with a new brand architecture.

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