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Microsoft Xbox 360

Designing one of the most successful gaming consoles of all time

Microsoft challenged us to design the second generation Xbox to reflect what its technology would make it: a high-octane digital portal to the converging world of live video gaming and online services.

Working with Xbox design and development partners in the US, Asia, and Europe, we developed the 360 to be just that: attractive from any vantage point. The 360 was also designed to drive confidence in its new wireless controller connectivity as well as Xbox Live, its online gaming marketplace.

The result: a comprehensive design language applied to everything Xbox 360, including wireless controllers, custom faceplates, a removable hard drive, accessories galore and, of course, the iconic console itself. With over 80 million units sold since the beginning of its production run, the Xbox 360 has been a gaming mainstay for nearly a decade and pop-culture touchstone forever.

Microsoft Xbox 360 process
Microsoft Xbox products
Microsoft Xbox 360
Microsoft controller
Microsoft Xbox 360
Gamer using Microsoft controller

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