You need to grow your business, launch new categories, build your brand, deepen customer loyalty, inspire people. Our global design community will help you think holistically to conceive, visualise, and turn inventive ideas into a reality. From branding and packaging, to products and services, and entirely new growth platforms - our team understands deeply all the facets of design needed to deliver new human experiences.

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With nearly 80 years of design heritage encompassing world-firsts and iconic products, our design teams push beyond traditional boundaries to open new frontiers: from medical devices that save lives to must-have consumer products, from transformed user experiences to award-winning digital applications. Informed by research and seamlessly integrated with business and creative strategy, science and engineering, our multifaceted team sees the design process from all sides.

Through insatiable curiosity and dedication to understanding the next challenge, and the challenge after that, we bring the future into focus for our clients. We not only conceive ideas, but also build them, build the machines that make them, and the businesses that sell them. We partner with the daring to explore the unimagined, helping our clients become the organisations they aspire to be.

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Innovation strategy
Leveraging trend and user research, we create realistic innovation trajectories for product offerings, brands, and businesses.
Brand strategy and design
Evolving brand strategies that capture company purpose and soul, and designing visual and verbal identities that create demand.
Service design and delivery
Designing brilliant user experience and service delivery, and mobilising the capabilities, operating model and culture, to make it happen.
Digital design and development
Putting user needs front and centre through research and design thinking, and developing multi-channel responsive digital experiences.
Product design and engineering
Combining user needs and business goals, with creativity and engineering, to solve complex design problems and create elegant, functional solutions.

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