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Logitech X Shroud

Creating the ideal gaming mouse for a legend

How do you create a gaming mouse design that truly reflects the influence of a legend? Logitech teamed up with Shroud – gaming streamer, YouTuber, and ex-professional CS:GO player – to create his ideal gaming mouse. 

Just as we were about to kick off what was intended as a highly intimate design process, the pandemic hit. So, we had to adapt and redesign our intensive, human-centric approach in order to remotely achieve a level of precision and comfort worthy of Shroud and Logitech to put their mark on.

Logitech X Shroud
It is the most important piece of hardware you can have.”

Remote collaboration

Shroud’s reputation is undeniable, with around seven million YouTube subscribers and over nine million followers on Twitch. The team wanted the design process with Shroud to be completely collaborative in order to gain a depth of understanding of his specific needs and desires for a gaming mouse – to somehow capture what makes Shroud exceptional as a gamer and bottle that in a visceral design.

Logitech X Shroud gaming mouse nose

Our first step was to redesign the iterative process for remote collaboration. We sent care packages to Shroud full of prototyping gear that was tailored to his needs so that he could express exactly what he wanted and perform ergonomic tasks that would arm the design team with great data. We met with Shroud often, discussing his ideal grip, weight, button positioning, texture, design and what this product meant to him. He not only wanted to create his ideal piece of equipment, he also wanted it to be highly appealing for his, and Logitech’s, fans.

Logitech X Shroud concepts lineup
Logitech X Shroud mouse back
Logitech X Shroud mouse
To have something molded to my hand and have it perfectly fit, I mean, that's game changing.”
Logitech X Shroud
Logitech X Shroud
Logitech X Shroud mouse details

Making it real

The result is the Logitech G303 Shroud edition – a wireless, lightweight, pro gaming mouse. The entire process was a collaboration between us, Shroud and Logitech to design their first-ever signature model. By tuning into Shroud’s specific needs, we were able to craft the design and ergonomics to deliver a product that matched his status. Shroud is considered one of the best aimers in the game, and the new G303 gives him the ideal weight and grip for that perfect shot. It’s Shroud’s perfect mouse; that’s endorsement enough.

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