Global Innovation and Technology Centre

Where we turn ideas into reality

Our Global Innovation and Technology Centre in Cambridge UK, is the heart of PA’s international network of creative studios, research labs and engineering centres. It’s where we turn ingenious ideas into physical and digital reality.

From medical devices to manufacturing equipment, from consumer products to digital experiences, the GITC is where we create, prototype, test,  and build technology-based solutions to our clients' most important challenges.

Explore the centre

10,000 square meters
of design studios, scientific laboratories, and engineering workshops
300 experts
scientists, designers, engineers, and technologists
40,000 inventions
delivered across industry, government, and defence

End-to-end expertise

We're driven by a desire to make a real impact through tangible innovation. And our team's diverse range of skills and cross-sector experience enables us to deliver this faster and more effectively for our clients.

Human insight
Understanding and exploiting the complex interplay between consumers, brands, and the physical and digital worlds they inhabit is critical to business success. We conduct strategic market research and analyse wide ranges of data to reframe problems, uncover user needs, and articulate business opportunities. We test and prove product concepts and unify teams around a shared vision for the future.
Product design and engineering
Design has always been about envisioning exceptional products. And now, at a time when the speed and quality of innovation is critical to business success, design can offer so much more. By amplifying design with science and engineering, we conceive and deliver ingenious new products, services and experiences, driving innovation further, faster.
Manufacturing process innovation
From cutting costs to embracing new technologies or producing new-to-world products, we help global organisations reinvent their manufacturing capability. As the world redefines supply chains globally, we find and integrate enhancements to ensure your manufacturing processes evolve to meet the challenge.
Digital and data applications
To thrive in the future, organisations need to continuously adapt and turn uncertainty into opportunity. We help you harness the full potential of data and connectivity—gathering and analysing more relevant data, harnessing machine learning and AI to drive competitiveness and growth, and developing multi-channel digital experiences to meet complex ecosystem needs.
Technology and innovation management
We make sure your organisation is designed to deliver incremental and breakthrough innovation. We’ll help you align innovation to business strategy, improve research and development effectiveness, reduce time to market, and deliver a roadmap for the technologies you should develop, acquire, protect, and evolve.

How Things Work

In this video series, our experts discuss some of the world’s most innovative technologies, explaining how they work and how they will help to create a positive human future.

Life at GITC

Innovate everyday at PA Consulting Our Design Engineering & Science consultants talk about the variety of projects you can be involved in at PA Consulting.
Take a 360-degree tour of GITC Join Frazer Bennett, our Chief Innovation Officer, on a 360-degree tour of our design studios, laboratories and engineering workshops. Click, hold and drag your cursor across the video, or pan your phone, to explore every part of our 10,000 square-metre Centre.

Client stories

A global community

We’re an integrated team spanning across our headquarters in London, UK, our Global Innovation and Technology Centre in Cambridge, UK, our US studios in San Francisco and Boston, and our Dublin studio in Ireland. 

Wherever you go, you’ll meet people passionate about tackling tough innovation challenges through design, engineering, and technology.

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