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Brand Impact Index 2024

In a world of economic downturns, global warming, geopolitical tension, and societal divides, consumers want more than products and services. They want safer, better, and simpler lives – right now.

Consumers look to the brands they love to create a positive human future that is more equitable, prosperous, and sustainable. But to really connect with consumers, it’s up to brands to deliver leading-edge product innovation, no-compromise quality, stellar customer service, and engaging experiences.

We know this because it’s what 7,000 US consumers told us when ranking 320 brands across more than 30 industries. Our results demonstrate a new reality – brands have a pivotal role to play in building the future that consumers demand. In doing so, they can unlock the greatest profit possibilities.


of US consumers expect brands to demonstrate their commitment to people and profits.


of US consumers only buy from brands they trust.

An undeniable opportunity for better growth

Our Index reveals that the highest performing brands achieve better growth – for their brand, their consumers, and the world – by prioritizing what consumers care about most. The path to better growth begins with connection, closeness, and constancy. This shines through in our rankings, where the top performing brand is an almost-ubiquitous household product.

Lay the foundations, maximize impact

From a strong foundation of dependability, brands can maximize their positive impact through innovation. This is where tech brands come out on top, using their experimental capabilities to try new and win big.

Beyond that, consumers crave community, and for brands to create in a conscious, considered way. Getting the balance right is tricky, but more than possible. It’s what the brands at the top of our Index do best – always with the consumer front of mind.

Five components for better growth

In this new reality, five essential components will enable brands to connect deeply with consumers, capture value, and achieve better growth.

1. Engage emotionally
Deeply understand consumers to infuse joy into everyday life, nurturing long-lasting, loyal relationships. 
2. Deliver dependably

Stand as a trusted pillar of assurance, relentlessly focused on making life easier and better for customers.

3. Innovate intelligently

Pioneer with vision to create and promote innovative products, services, and experiences that impact lives and shape culture.

4. Create consciously

Place sustainable approaches at the heart of your purpose and every decision, building a better world and inspiring consumers.

5. Cultivate community

Actively and visibly champion causes close to consumers’ hearts, giving something important back while forging connections that transcend transactions.

How we can help

We help organizations make the leap and take the lead, partnering with clients to envision and build new growth platforms across brands, products, services, and experiences.

Working with you, our unique teams of strategists, designers, scientists, technologists, and engineers can help at every step of the journey. We unlock innovation to make better growth a reality for your organization, and creating a virtuous cycle of growth.

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