Converting inventive ideas into innovative products or manufacturing processes, requires a deep understanding of the physical world and experience navigating the path of productisation. Whether you need a novel technology developed, a proof of concept matured, or a prototype translated into a product that can be manufactured at scale, our teams can help. We combine enlightened engineering with years of substantive experience to solve our partners’ most challenging business problems.

Working together

Working alongside designers, scientists, and business specialists, our engineers tackle vexing problems, irrespective of industry or technology. Our approach is grounded in the first principles of the physical sciences and mathematics, allowing us to cut through opinions, biases, and beliefs to understand challenges at a fundamental level.

We draw on cross-discipline expertise to think laterally, skirting conventional thinking or expected patterns that can hinder originality and breakthrough problem solving. We partner with motivated innovators to bridge the development gap from the underlying science of a technology to a product with true impact and longevity. If you are a leader asking can we do this, should we do this, or how do we do this, we are here to help you find a way.

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Product design engineering
Combining expertise across mechanical, material, electronic, medical, and manufacturing engineering to design first-to-world products for high volume manufacture.
Complex systems engineering
Tackling the most complex, multi-faceted, systems engineering challenges to distill manageable, achievable results.
Electronic systems engineering
Design and development of advanced electronic and embedded software systems across digital and analogue electronic systems.
Control systems design and development
Design, development, and deployment of complex real-time control systems in products and manufacturing processes.
Manufacturing process engineering
The design and development of novel manufacturing processes, exploiting new materials and new manufacturing techniques from concept to in-service process.

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