Quantum Technology

What is quantum technology?

Quantum technology uses the principles of quantum mechanics, the physics of sub-atomic particles, to improve the performance of products and services, and create entirely new opportunities.

Why quantum technology matters

Governments around the world are investing billions to develop quantum technology and capture the enormous economic opportunity – the global quantum technology market will be worth $13.3 billion by 2023, according to market intelligence company Mind Commerce.

Where quantum technology is going

In the next 20 years, quantum technology will bring significant reliability, speed, accuracy and security improvements to the performance of products and services in manufacturing, healthcare, defence, supply chains, financial services and telecoms.

More about quantum technology

Quantum enables a wide range of technologies, from more accurate ways of sensing the environment to revolutionising computing. The quantum technology that's entering the market today typically uses existing technologies, such as fibre-optics, integrated circuits and power supplies, and precise mechanical engineering to achieve new functions. For manufacturers, healthcare organisations, defence organisations, supply chains, financial services and telecoms companies, exploring quantum technology should be an immediate priority.

Quantum sensing

It will soon be possible to have perfectly accurate navigation under water, to sense changes in gravity that reveal potential earthquakes, to monitor brain activity on the go, and even to see round corners. And in our everyday lives, quantum sensing will secure navigation, enhance medical imaging and show us what's beneath our feet. Explore more in our article in CW Journal.

Quantum computing

Quantum computing isn't a sci-fi dream. It's here and ready for businesses to experiment with. It won't replace servers and laptops yet, but by testing quantum computers today, organisations can gain a competitive advantage as the technology matures and becomes an essential part of business. Take a deep dive into quantum computing with our experts.

Quantum timing

Atomic clocks date back to the mid-1950s when Louis Essen developed the first caesium atomic clock at the UK’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL). Accuracy has since improved by six orders of magnitude to around 10-16 and the new chip scale atomic clock (CSAC) with reduced size, weight and power has opened up new applications. Our quantum tech expert explains more.

Prepare for a quantum-powered future

Get in touch to find out how we can help define your quantum strategy, accelerate quantum prototypes or advise on the global quantum ecosystem.

Quantum in action

We can help you

1. Define your quantum technology strategies

To make the most of quantum technologies, you’ll need strategies tailored to your market and organisation. Building such a strategy takes an understanding of both quantum technologies and your industry. That’s why we take a system-wide approach, putting quantum technology into a disruptive plan across commercial, technical and operational functions.

That means we'll work with you to:

  • Build the business case for change through market, customer and technology insights that identify opportunities for quantum technologies
  • Design business models to take advantage of quantum technologies
  • Create the development plan and roadmap for market entry
  • Design a strategy with sustainability and circularity in mind
  • Mitigate any ethical concerns around quantum technology, such as privacy
  • Carefully introduce quantum technology to minimise disruption in your organisation and bring your people along on the journey
  • Develop investment strategies.

2. Accelerate quantum technology prototyping

Responding quickly to quantum technology opportunities requires rapid prototype development so you can test their commercial potential. Our diverse teams of scientists, engineers and strategists work with our quantum and industry experts to accelerate product development using agile methods.

That means we'll work with you to:

  • Rapidly develop quantum prototypes at our Global Innovation and Technology Centre
  • Create enduring partnerships with academia to capitalise on the latest research
  • Establish and foster supply chains to bring sustainable products to life
  • Design and build products by integrating quantum and conventional technologies
  • Scale from prototype to product at pace.

3. Advise on quantum technology

For quantum technology to reach its potential, governments need to build public confidence in it, ensure ideas can move easily from research to reality, and remove hurdles to export. Meanwhile, investors need to understand the development paths of the technology, explore its full potential and find new ways to assess risk and reward. Our quantum technology experts draw on the experience of our industry, public sector and economics specialists to advise on all these areas.

That means we'll work with you to:

  • Deliver complex cross-organisation programmes
  • Advise on how to link end users and quantum innovators
  • Understand and overcome national and international blockers to export
  • Assess the evolution path to understand a technology’s full potential
  • Rebalance risk and reward assessments to cater for such a disruptive new technology.

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