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New technologies, processes and machinery for manufacturing can cut costs, exploit new technologies, and get new products to market more effectively.  Our design, science, technology and engineering specialists can bring fresh thinking and innovation to your manufacturing capability, or build pilots and protoypes and production runs for you in our global innovation and technology centre.

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Manufacturing is packed with opportunity – from simple optimisations and upgrades to reinventing your product line or even the entire factory. We help unlock these opportunities and value across sectors every day.  

We understand the changing consumer and customer needs, newest technologies, processes and the pressures from ever evolving legislation. We also know products inside out – from inception to manufacture to end of life.  

Our integrated team of designers, scientists, technologists, engineers can optimise your asset utilisation, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, or upgrade your production lines so you’ll have more agility, flexibility, operational resilience, and greater yields. We specialise in delivering new-to-world manufacturing solutions to create new growth and futureproof businesses. 

Wherever you are on your journey or whatever your manufacturing challenge – we can help deliver impact and value for your bottom line, stakeholders and the planet.  

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Operational optimisation
Using existing and emerging technologies, new business models and AI to optimise existing production and increase performance at line, site and network level.
Manufacturing reinvention and process innovation
Creating new process and product platforms providing the means to effectively manufacturing new to the world products and deliver new services.
Manufacturing Strategy
Developing an approach to maintain alignment between your manufacturing operations and your market needs, in the midst of a dynamic business environment.
New business model creation
Exploring and defining new business models, including services based revenue models, that reflect the changing market dynamics and the consumer and customer requirements.


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