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Pharma and biotech companies are at the forefront of innovation and critical to improving health outcomes, globally. Following several years of healthcare transformation, we’re in a new era of healthcare delivery, where care is increasingly connected, human-centric, value-based, preventative, and curative.

We believe that pharma and biotech companies need to deliver end-to-end holistic innovation and value beyond the product, at speed, through a deep understanding of healthcare systems, patients, technology and science, to secure their place as leaders in the new era of medicine.

Is your organisation ready to lead the golden age of medicine?

Working together

We partner with pharma and biotechs to determine the most effective strategies for developing, manufacturing, and commercialising products and digital health solutions.

Working at the intersection of technology, science, innovation, strategy, and healthcare, we understand the factors influencing value delivery and are here to help you navigate the complexity of evolving regulatory frameworks, healthcare delivery, empowered patients and rapid scientific and technological advancement.

By combining deep health and life sciences industry expertise with leading digital, data analytics, AI, transformation, product development, regulatory, manufacturing, innovation and scientific capabilities, we will work together to create a more positive human future for all.

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R&D strategy and innovation
Developing and implementing robust R&D strategies, optimising your innovation processes from drug discovery to clinical trials, through digital transformation and process design.
Regulatory compliance
Providing guidance on regulatory compliance to navigate the evolving regulatory landscape and ensure your products meet the necessary requirements for approval and commercialisation at pace.
Commercial strategy and launch excellence
From market assessment and segmentation to brand strategy, launch planning and patient journey mapping, we’ll support you in developing winning commercial strategies that drive growth and maximise product value.
Digital transformation
Leveraging the power of digital technologies and data, to transform your operations and enhance overall organisational efficiency and agility, as well as improving the patient and customer experience.
AI, analytics, and data
Creating value out of data to drive data-driven decision making, we’ll help you design your data architecture and technology infrastructure, as well as leverage AI/ML to automate and advance businesses.
Manufacturing process development
Supporting the improvement of your manufacturing processes, from technology selection to supply chain, demand and capacity modelling to facility strategy.
Designing for sustainability and circularity, and supporting your material, waste and clean strategies to realise net zero goals, from waste valorisation to packaging to supply chains to electric fleets.
New product design and development
From technical feasibility assessment to sample production, customer experience design, and transfer to manufacturing, we help you bring new medical devices, companion diagnostics, and digital health solutions to market.

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