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Harness AI, digital, and data to transform healthcare

Digital and data are revolutionising the healthcare and life sciences industry. They are helping clinicians and healthcare professionals optimise resources like never before – boosting the performance of entire healthcare systems and putting patients at the heart of clinical management and care.

Across healthcare, pharma, and medtech, digital and data’s power and potential – powered by AI – is far reaching. From streaming real-time patient data from wearable medtech to visualising patient care pathways and forecasting future needs using digital twin technologies. And from analysing hospital performance, to identifying new commercial opportunities and products.

Yet for all data’s possibilities, its complexity can prevent organisations from realising its full potential. Data is often disparate, difficult to find, and hard to decipher. We help you decode complexity into possibility – ensuring you get insights to the right people at the right time.

Working together

When it comes to digital connectivity and data analytics, we understand the clinical, technical, and commercial needs, as well as the regulatory requirements across healthcare, pharma, and medtech. We work with you to deliver end-to-end solutions across the health ecosystem and geographies, create health data sets, and design products and take them to market. 

By combining technologies with deep human insight, we can help you on your journey to the Intelligent Enterprise. That’s Next Made Real.

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Managing national and global data systems to save lives
Coordinate data across public and private organisations, combining relevant technology, healthcare diagnostics, and community-based care with treatments developed by medtech and pharma companies to deliver better health outcomes.
Enhancing decision making with advanced analytics
Harness the real power of data by turning data into insight and action with the tools, architectures, and services needed to support healthcare professionals to make the right decisions.
Building better patient and clinician experiences
As patients and clinicians become more empowered, we’ll help you deliver exceptional digitally-enabled end-user experiences, reducing cognitive load for healthcare professionals, increasing adoption, and creating better patient outcomes.
Accelerating medicines to market through digitisation
Unlock speed in your R&D operations by fully leveraging digital and data, enabling you to reduce costs and accelerate the speed with which you bring life-changing medicines to patients.
Leveraging data to create impactful interventions for local populations
Identify and ensure data quality – from apps, internal datasets, and other data systems – then wirelessly connect your ecosystem to deliver the best patient outcomes.
Building a resilient organisation for the next generation
From the lab to the ward, embed an infrastructure that supports gathering, optimising, and leveraging quality insights – working across the value chain to deliver value, and to optimise resource usage and decision-making.

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