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Three key benefits of deploying edge AI at the point of care

Geoff Sheir Nick Warrington Alexis Dumon

By Geoffrey Sheir, Nick Warrington, Alexis Dumon

Med Device Online

28 April 2023

PA Consulting edge inference expert Geoffrey Sheir, and Dan Talmage, Nick Warrington, and Alexis Dumon, PA medical device development experts, explain how medtech companies can use edge inference, the practice of deploying machine learning models directly onto devices, to shift the point of care from hospital to home.

The point of care is shifting, with monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment taking place increasingly outside the conventional hospital setting and moving into patients’ homes. This is an exciting shift in the paradigm of healthcare.

The arrival of cloud computing has allowed industries to accelerate data processing by leveraging its immense scalability. Medtech companies have deployed artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms in the cloud, where there is virtually unlimited processing power. This has improved patient outcomes, for example, through improved diagnostics and digital biomarkers. However, cloud computing’s reliance on the transfer of data to and from remote servers has some limitations, preventing many applications from shifting to the home setting.

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