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Healthier at home

Creating value for all in the shift from hospital to home

The healthcare market is entering a new era of radical growth in personalised treatments that maximise positive health outcomes by shifting site of care from hospital to home. By 2030, the global market for hospital to home will be worth $390.4 billion – an increase of $70 billion from today.

Our exclusive research of 550 senior leaders across the global medtech, pharma, and private and public healthcare landscape explores the development of new, connected solutions and pathways that extend care into the home. Combined with the insights of subject matter experts, our research identifies four key accelerators to deliver diverse value across the ecosystem.

Hospital to Home $390.4 billion
global market opportunity for hospital to home solutions by 2030
The global market for hospital to home solutions will increase by $70 billion to $390.4 billion.
Hospital to Home 76%
of global medtech and pharma leaders are prioritising products and services that shift site of care
Innovative new products will support the migration of care from hospital to the home, connecting patients with the wider healthcare ecosystem.

Four key accelerators

We have identified four key accelerators that will deliver diverse value to patients, physicians, health systems, and payers:

1. Connect the ecosystem

Engage all stakeholders to collaboratively define future care pathways and solutions

Global respondents see the biggest obstacle to moving care from hospital to home as lack of understanding of healthcare systems by medtech and pharma companies. Successful collaboration starts with identifying and actively engaging with multiple stakeholders.

2. Differentiate through experience

Create better, safer, easier experiences for patients and professionals

Securing the hospital to home opportunity relies on patient and healthcare professional buy-in – this means making their experiences positive. Considering human factors elements before design, and proactively engaging user groups, will identify key needs.

3. Deploy digital with intention

Build connected, personalised digital solutions for a wide range of stakeholders, carefully managing data

Digital solutions can improve the prevention, management, and treatment of conditions, providing secure access to data through interoperable systems and relevant technology. Two thirds (68 percent) of global respondents agree the Internet of Things (IoT) will be the norm in future home and bathroom equipment.

4. Unlock whole system value 

Quantify financial and outcome opportunities across the ecosystem, focusing on prevention, early intervention, and ongoing wellness

Global respondents believe shifting site of care will reduce costs, but what about value beyond the numbers? How do you measure convenience, satisfaction, and life improvements for patients who spend less time in or travelling to hospital? How do you understand the impact on healthcare professional, and the broader social value?

How we can help

We’ve pioneered the shift from hospital care to the home, developing the technology for the world’s first three-minute home pregnancy test in 1987. We continue to lead end-to-end healthcare innovation, from an in-vitro blood analyser to a personalised inhaler that bases dosages on past, current, and predictive usage data.

We provide curated support from design to delivery, helping you:

  • Build your technology strategy, identifying optimal opportunities and collaborative partners
  • Define your digital ambition, aligned to patient and healthcare provider needs
  • Innovate and develop human-centred products and services that create value for the entire ecosystem
  • Develop a roadmap for the future using scenario analysis, war gaming, systems thinking, and our FutureWorlds™ methodology
  • Make better use of data and analytics to transform your business and deliver greater value
  • Understand the value of new products and services – building a compelling case for investment.

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