Patient Catalyst

AI-enabled operational decision support for health systems

Patient Catalyst, PA’s latest healthcare innovation, enables increased activity without stretching existing capacity. The AI-enabled operational decision support platform empowers clinical staff to effectively match each patient to the next clinical activity in the pathway, delivering the most effective care in the quickest possible time.

Healthcare systems provide care to thousands of individuals, each with their unique clinical pathway. System efficiencies - such as well-managed equipment, adherence to schedules, and streamlined operations - facilitate this task in the best way, ensuring shorter waiting lists and enhancing the quality of care.

As the volume and complexity of healthcare needs increase, it becomes imperative to harness the true potential of data so healthcare systems can make optimal clinical decisions and maximise care outcomes for patients.

Accuracy of predicting future resource needs for each patient
Increase in productivity of expensive hospital resources such as CT Scanners
Average reduction in waiting times for patients monitored
Protected from potential clinical harm on average per year

Decisions save lives

Patient Catalyst applies advanced machine learning, predictive analytics, and AI to draw insights from diverse datasets, providing a single source of truth for operational decision support.

Better patient experience and outcomes

Empower your staff with intelligence to support efficient pathway management, with alerts for high priority patients, maximising the quality and safety of patient care.

Faster, accurate operational decisions

Enable staff to make more accurate, faster operational decisions and maximise use of precious healthcare resources, by analysing large volumes of data in record time.

Improved real-time collaboration

Enhance communication between operational staff through a centralised platform for seamless data sharing, centred on the patient and smoothing out bottlenecks.

Patient Catalyst overview

Product highlights

Predict before it happens
Connect relevant data with critical operational decisions, preparing for resource demand up to six weeks in advance.
Total pathway management
Holistic view of patient pathways tracked automatically across systems, highlighting bottlenecks building at patient level.
Cutting-edge analytics
Leverage the power of AI, predictive analytics, and machine learning to predict patient needs and outcomes while aligning them to the next step in patient care.
Automated scheduling
Intelligent scheduling that automates matching of patient need to first available capacity across range of services.
Intuitive user interface
Access an intuitive, user-friendly interface with comprehensive data visualisation, enabling non-technical and technical users alike to quickly access and analyse real-time data.
Seamless data integration
Pull data from multiple sources including your own EMR, imaging system, and analytics software, utilising large clinical datasets to support decision-making without the guesswork.

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