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Clinical trials transformation

Reimagine clinical research to build trust and accelerate impact

Clinical trials are an essential step in ensuring the safety and efficacy of new therapies. Advances in science and technology offer a deeply impactful opportunity to transform how studies are designed and delivered, creating a new breed of trials that produce results in dramatically reduced timescales.

The next generation of clinical trials must be human-centred, secure, and compliant, and driven by data to meet growing demand and complexity. A clear vision – supported by data, integrated technology platforms, and a bold, human-centered approach – will unlock value for all.

Working together

Our experienced teams partner with clients to transform clinical research from initial protocol design to post-market success. Through real-world experience of change-making across the development process, innovative digital thinking, and cross-sector connections, we develop new platforms, share risk, and accelerate the delivery of the next generation of clinical trials

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Unleashing the power of data
Digitalise trials, build new platforms, and enable end-to-end data flow to create safe, successful clinical trials. Reduce time to market through the integration of EHR, real-world, and historical trial data, including pre-clinical and clinical metrics.
Enabling the next generation of trials
Support the design and operation of new trial types including adaptive, decentralised, and remote models that produce valuable results at pace.
Becoming truly human-centred
Drive greater participant and patient representation and adherence through more effective recruitment strategies and patient-centric engagement that build trust and confidence.
Enhancing security and reducing regulatory risk
Maintain constant compliance by understand the evolving regulatory landscape, creating security and compliance approaches that align to necessary legal and regulatory frameworks.
Understanding and improving performance
Assess and monitor study and portfolio performance through robust modelling. Analyse metrics, set incentives, and establish benchmarking to develop new, value-based models that focus on patients and participants to drive effective outcomes.
Predicting and pre-empting change
Use simulation technologies such as digital twins to understand the impact of change on digital models before investing in real-world implementation, saving significant costs. Benefit from interoperable IT and data management infrastructure, infused with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, to drive a proactive, pre-emptive approach.

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