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Cell and gene therapy

Realise the promise of cell and gene therapies

The cell and gene market is thriving with innovation, investment, partnerships, and M&A activity. But much remains unclear about how these therapies can deliver full value, and where pharma and biotech leaders should invest energy and resources to get these transformational therapies in patients’ hands.

Working together

We partner with cell and gene therapy manufacturers, technology providers, pharma, and biotechs to determine the most effective strategies for maximising the potential of these groundbreaking treatments.

Working at the intersection of technology, science, innovation, strategy, and healthcare, we understand the factors influencing value delivery and are here to help you navigate the complexity of evolving regulatory frameworks and rapid scientific advancements.

Together, we will realise the promise of cell and gene therapies and create lasting impact that transforms the future of medicine and patient care.

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Digital transformation

Enhancing the power of CGT science by building advanced analytics, digital workflow automation and patient facing digital services

Equipment and consumable development

Supporting therapy manufacturers with the improvement of their CGT manufacturing processes, from technology selection to supply chain, demand and capacity modelling to facility strategy


Designing for sustainability and circularity, and supporting industries in their material and waste strategies.

Technology strategy and market insights

For existing and new players in the CGT space to understand, assess and leverage new technologies and technology partners to grow in the CGT market.

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