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The RNA Therapeutics Race: How can pharma stay ahead of the wave?

Paolo Siciliano Maria Aspioti Dan Lan

By Dr Paolo Siciliano, Maria Aspioti, Dr Dan Lan

Advancing RNA

05 December 2023

PA Consulting life sciences experts Maria Aspioti and Dan Lan, and PA’s cell and gene therapy lead Paolo Siciliano, authored an article for Advancing RNA discussing RNA therapies and ways that pharma companies can benefit from this rapidly growing area to actualize personalized medicines and therapeutic outcomes.

From the initial studies on RNA in the early 1900s to the approval of RNA-based vaccines for COVID-19 in 2020, the emergence of advanced RNA technology is reshaping the pharmaceutical and medical sectors, revolutionizing disease treatment approaches, bolstering vaccine preventative capabilities, and introducing a new chapter in personalized therapeutic solutions. With RNA-based therapeutics rapidly expanding and gaining prominence, an unprecedented opportunity is open for pharmaceutical companies to venture into the RNA market and broaden their therapeutic horizons.

The global RNA market is on an unprecedented growth trajectory, with projections indicating significant expansion in the coming years. In fact, as of October 2023, more than 970 RNA therapies are currently in the development pipeline, with infectious diseases and rare diseases as the top targeted therapeutic areas. As we navigate through this transformative period in medical innovation, it becomes crucial for pharmaceutical companies to strategically position themselves within the RNA sector — either through leveraging its superior efficacy to invest in vaccines or harnessing its flexibility to tailor RNA therapeutics at relatively low cost compared to other biologics. The market, driven by substantial investments, scientific ingenuity, and major innovations, presents an exciting prospect for expanding both internal development pipelines and external collaborations across a wide range of therapeutic areas.

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