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Value-based care

A more human approach to healthcare

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what matters most

Value-based care, at its heart, is the idea that building care around patients and their quality of life achieves better, more lasting results and can cost less. But how much progress are organisations actually making? Our experience in both private and public healthcare systems in the UK, the US and Europe suggests progress is slow. And our latest research confirms this - we interviewed over 500 people and more than 200 organisations around the world. We found 60 per cent haven’t taken a single step towards value-based care in the last two years. For the 40 per cent who are progressing, we're seeing some great results.

why make the change?

From the organisations we interviewed, we found that in the last 12 months:


have seen patients become more satisfied with their care.


have seen an improvement in clinical outcomes.


have seen reduction in costs.

our four guiding principles

We believe there are four guiding principles that drive the transition to value-based care:

Take the plunge

Move past the barriers and get started. Small-scale innovation builds its own momentum, making more progress possible.

Redesign how care systems work. Listen and respond to what people need.

Use technology to re-engage with patients, increase collaboration, look for efficiency savings and collect insights.

Get to grips with data

Rethink how you use, interpret and visualise data. Data is our most powerful tool.

Value-based care can help your organisation

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“..through value-based healthcare clinicians are feeling empowered and patients supported.”
Dr. Sanjith Kamath, Executive Medical Director, St Andrew’s Healthcare

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