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Transforming healthcare payers

The healthcare payer market is rapidly evolving and there’s considerable pressure to keep up with changing regulations, shifts in customer expectations, industry consolidation, and the convergence of payers and providers into more shared risk arrangements.

Success in today’s climate takes more than reacting to change. Healthcare payers need to anticipate what’s coming and plan the steps they’ll need to take to respond. Increasingly, this means being prepared to reimagine your entire business, or risk falling behind.

Our approach

Our healthcare experts employ data analytics, human-centered design, information technology, and agile practices to tailor solutions to individual healthcare payers’ needs.

What we can do for you

Accelerating ecosystem innovation
Shaping health plan strategies around how, where, and with whom to play to build a competitive edge in this constantly evolving industry.
Driving digital maturity​
Advancing digital capability across front-, middle- and back-office solutions through innovative perspectives on automation.
Improving engagement experiences​
Communicating with key stakeholders, from prospects and members to brokers, clinicians, pharma and beyond, to enable better health outcomes.
Turning compliance into value​
Finding opportunities to reduce waste and decrease the cost of compliance, and drive value back into payers’ core business.
Designing for affordability​
Helping payers streamline operations, systems and processes to reduce complexity and take non-value-add costs out of the system.
Moving from insight to action​
Harnessing the power of data to find actionable insights and identify opportunities to realise value through new business models and revenue streams.

How we’ll work with you

Our consultants bring deep experience and understanding of the healthcare payer landscape. We use multi-disciplinary teams of seasoned experts, bringing together the capabilities needed. We pay great attention to aligning our approach to your culture, so our recommendations are practical, realistic and achievable.

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