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From national crisis and organisational strategy to patient-centred care and supporting health systems, we work with all parties in the care continuum to meet evolving patient and population needs.

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Spanning governments to local councils and the third sector, we support NHS systems and organisations to deliver lasting change. We will work to reduce pressures on frontline teams, to design and deliver more efficient services, and to digitise for a sustainable health system for future populations.

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System design
Designing and implementing digitally integrated, economically viable models of care and operational delivery that enable healthcare systems to improve patient care and population health.
Organisational resilience
Our work with NHS Trusts builds resilience through operational improvement, clinical pathway transformation, workforce planning and scheduling, modelling, and analytics.
Hospital infrastructure programme
We work with NHS Systems and Trusts to develop the business cases and planning for some of their largest and most strategic investments, including new hospitals, digital infrastructure, out of hospital service development and system-wide reconfigurations.
Digital advisory and data product delivery
We look beyond digital transformation for its own sake to ensure NHS Systems and Trusts embed sustainable digital change across the operating model to improve patient experience and address resource pressures.
Insight and analytics
Our suite of analytical tools are now widely used across primary and secondary care systems, generating new insights from their wealth of data to improve patient outcomes, operational efficiency, scheduling and workforce planning.

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