Workforce resilience in the NHS

Recommendations for attraction and retention of the workforce

The UK’s National Health Service is no stranger to workforce challenges. Since its inception, the NHS workforce has repeatedly proven itself resilient, adaptable, and fiercely loyal against a backdrop of external volatility.

Today, mounting resource and demand pressures – exasperated by recent events – have once again spotlighted the need for fortitude and change, particularly around recruitment and retention.

Less than a third (27 percent) of NHS employees say there are enough staff at their organisation to do their job properly, with 43 percent struggling to meet the demands of their role. The current workforce – and workforce of the future – deserves a better workplace where people can be challenged, supported, and thrive in their careers.

Our Workforce Resilience in the NHS report, developed in partnership with leaders across the UK healthcare sector, reveals three key areas of opportunity to help retain and attract the brightest health and social care talent.

Now is the time to draw strength from an existing, formidable workforce and combine it with fresh, bold, and transformational leadership to drive rewarding careers and a new, sustainable era for the NHS.

43% of NHS staff feel able to meet all the conflicting demands of their job
57% went to work in the last three months despite not being well enough to perform their duties

Three key approaches

We believe unlocking potential, focusing on the future, and supporting mental and physical fitness will make a fundamental difference to growing workforce resilience with the NHS and the communities it serves.

1. Unlocking potential

The NHS needs to compete with industry organisations to offer modern, competitive working conditions that help unlock potential.

2. The future of work

The composition of the workforce in 2030 will be radically different. While technology continues to transform healthcare, so too will the nature of NHS roles needed, and the way people are organised and work together.

3. Mental and physical fitness

When considering how we collectively help the NHS develop organisation resilience, it’s vital that leaders think about wellbeing interventions and recovery from trauma.

How we can help

Workforce transformation & reengineering

The design, recruitment and training for a workforce that thrives and is sustainable for the future

Change management

Enabling NHS organisations to manage the transition from existing practices to new models and evolved ways of working to improve staff experience

Leadership and culture

Supporting healthcare organisations to help build enduring leadership capabilities that support the workforce to manage system pressures, while engaging and embedding resilience within individual team structures.

Wellbeing and retention

Enabling teams to grow and thrive in order to retain the best of NHS talent, and creating a rewarding career for all people

Workforce planning

Leveraging the best of data and analytics to optimise performance, and proactively plan for future demand to support a healthy working environment.

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