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the conscious consumer

Your business case for sustainable growth and a healthier planet

Recent research by NYU Stern showed that sustainability-marketed products, while only forming 16.1% of market share, grew 7.1x faster and delivered 54.7% of the CPG market growth. The recent IPCC report highlighted the urgent need for scaled climate action. All the while environmental risks have been topping the WEF Global Risks Report and governments and investors are accelerating pressures to drive climate response. Sustainability is the commercial, purpose-led opportunity.

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Conscious consumer is in the driving seat

Conscious consumerism is on a sharp rise. These consumers buy from ethical and sustainable brands whose values align with theirs. 81% say their ability to trust the brand to do the right thing is a deal breaker or deciding factor in their brand buying decisions. WWF research found a 71% rise in popularity of searches for sustainable goods over the past five years. Even the everyday buyer is recognising the urgency of climate change, supported by the rising popularity of the sharing economy, re-commerce and going local for shopping.  

Keep up or get disrupted

The race is on to accelerate and scale delivery of sustainability and climate response, and help make sustainable living commonplace. It may be a daunting task but if you start by making sustainability part of your purpose, set your sight beyond Net Zero, and address the tangible areas that are closest to your core business - water, carbon, product, packaging, waste - it will be far simpler to deliver results at the pace and scale that is needed.

Start with these five tangible areas

We recommend starting with one of the five tangible areas that are critical for your business and deliver the biggest impact. As these are interlinked, you will not only impact your core area, but also all connected areas.

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If you understand your global water footprint across the ecosystem, you can capture the full value of water and drive systemic change. 

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Transition to renewable energy, reduce carbon in your manufacturing operations, products and services and find commercial value.

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Products and services represent the big (carbon, water and waste) footprint and it is where the large growth opportunities lie.

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The current packaging market is full of confusion and complexity around which routes to take to achieve sustainable value.

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Understand waste, design with waste in mind, adopt novel technologies and collaborate across sectors to find business opportunities from waste.

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Find commercial opportunities and value

We help businesses seize the commercial opportunity of sustainability. We find and optimise value to create lasting and profitable change across your value chain.

Innovate end-to-end

We are experts in end-to-end innovation for sustainability. From insights and strategies to new business models and supply chains, to technology and product development through to commercialisation.

Deliver real and measurable results

We use KPIs mapped to UN Sustainable Development Goals to deliver real and measurable results, accelerating progress against planetary, social, and financial aspirations.

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