The manufacturing landscape is changing fast, with little let-up in the pace and scale of disruption. But within this lies opportunity.

Successful manufacturers are constantly exploring new business models, technologies and supply chains. They are investing in new ways to improve production, increase sustainability and strip out cost, across the whole manufacturing ecosystem. They deploy leading edge digital technologies to accelerate decision making.

PA’s unique teams of strategists, engineers, supply chain experts, and digital technologists bring the future into focus for manufacturers. We deliver innovation and transformation to increase competitivity.

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We partner with industrial and consumer product manufacturing companies to help them create and enhance their products, manufacturing lines, and supply chains to create resilient, high growth organisations and products that meet the highest quality and sustainability standards.

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Supply chains
We can help you build robust supply chains to withstand disruptions and ensure timely availability of raw materials, safeguarding against shortages and fortifying your readiness for future supply chain shocks.
Organisational and operational resilience
Our team of experts help you keep your organisation running effectively during uncertain times. We design operating models to create the leading resilient businesses.
Sustainable manufacturing
From ideation to execution, we excel in uncovering and implementing sustainable solutions that effectively reduce your carbon footprint throughout your entire product line.
Digital and data enablement
Utilising the synergy of data and digital, we unleash their collective might to revolutionise both the products you create and the process by which you bring them to life in your manufacturing facility.
Organisational agility
We empower organisations to gain a competitive edge in the market by implementing systematic approaches, streamlining processes, and leveraging cutting-edge methodologies to swiftly develop and launch innovative products and services.

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