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Jorge Aguilar on Wharton Business Daily

Wharton Business Daily

25 March 2024

Jorge Aguilar, growth strategy expert at PA Consulting, features on the Wharton Business Daily show discussing PA’s Brand Impact Index. This ranked Dawn as the top for US brand perception, according to a survey of 7,000 US consumers. The Index ranked brands based on whether they create a better future, and how much consumers would recommend them.

Jorge takes the listener through the report and its key findings. He describes how we are living in a hugely interesting time in history, and that consumers are struggling with the state of the world. They want brands to make a difference in their lives first, and then to the world at large. Success starts with meeting the needs of the individual consumer – getting the product, service, and experience spot on – before broadening out to positively impact wider society and the planet. Jorge remarks that the connection between brands and consumers has become a very important one.

Jorge is then asked how companies and the C suite can respond. He says that business leaders want to understand why - as well as how - they should respond to these shifting consumer demands. Brands are under pressure but the compelling insight from the Index is that consumers are looking to the brands they love for leadership in creating a world that is more equitable and sustainable. Brands that best respond to this are more likely to be loved and forgiven for any mistakes they make. Jorge goes on to talk about the value creation opportunities for brands and how this impacts stock value.

Jorge also describes the component parts of a new engine for better growth. He talks about how, collectively, these five components create and sustain the momentum to respond to consumer demand for a more positive human future, while also creating greater impact.

Jorge goes on to talk about why Dawn was ranked as the top-performing brand. He explains that it was scored highly for its approach to innovation, where it has produced products designed to be easier to use, and that save water and energy. Consumers also recognized the brand’s sustainability work.

The podcast also discusses issues of brand loyalty, the challenges, and opportunities for the C suite. Finally, it discusses the lessons for those brands that did not rank highly and the opportunities for growth this presents.

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