Consumers have an infinite variety of products to choose from, yet with a simple click or ‘like’, they can express their entire relationship with a brand.

Successful consumer companies invest constantly in this relationship. They bring innovative new brands and experiences to market and build resilient supply chains to deliver against the values and aspirations of their target consumers.

PA’s unique teams of researchers, strategists, designers, engineers, and digital technologists create award-winning and breakthrough products and experiences every day. From market insight to product launch, we help find new ways to connect brands with consumers.

Where will your next super brand come from?

Working together

Our consumer team partners with business to consumer (B2C) companies, consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, restaurant chains, eCommerce, and retailers to bring innovative, sustainable, and personalised products and services to market at scale.

With numerous awards and world-firsts under our belt in the last 80 years, including the design for Nike Fuelband, Microsoft Xbox 360, and Hydrow Wave, putting the first stripes in toothpaste, and creating sustainable packaging made from seaweed, consumer brands trust us to drive innovation amidst the biggest global shifts and economic pressures.

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Improving efficiency and resiliency
Our team of experts can help your organisation prepare for economic growth and uncertainty from a central operational and sourcing perspective.
Innovation-led growth
Whether your company is looking to discover insights to determine what area of the market to play in, needs help developing new products that are market tested, or a full go-to-market strategy, our team of innovative experts can deliver your organisation the building blocks to create a demand-led culture to drive transformational growth.
Making sense of data
Using AI, personalisation, and constellation analytics our team of analytics and digital experts are here to help you unlock and understand the data you already have. Our team will also help you determine the data you should start collecting to improve your products, processes, and distribution across the entire value chain.
Sustainability and the circular economy
We can help you create end-to-end circular products that are better for both your customers and the planet. Our team of sustainability experts can work with you to benchmark and create a realistic strategy and plan so you can make good on your Net Zero emissions targets and move to the next stage of your organisation’s sustainability journey.
New channels and channel growth
Our team will help you create new products in new channels that serve your customers' needs now and in the future.
Product cost improvement
Our team of experts can help you implement cost improvements throughout the entire value chain of your organisation’s products and services.

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