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ADT+ Smart Home Security

Delivering a connected and seamless home security experience

ADT+ is a new, innovative home security platform designed in partnership with Google. Reimagined from the ground up, an entire ecosystem of new products was developed based on deep research and analytics into people’s needs.

A new era of smart home security

In 2019, there were an estimated 1.1 million burglaries in the US (FBI crime statistics). The way we protect ourselves and our homes is increasingly important. How might we reinvent how we feel safe in our homes? We worked with ADT to create a new, innovative home security platform designed in partnership with Google, called ADT+. Reimagined from the ground up, an entire ecosystem of new products was developed based on deep research, data, and analytics into people’s needs.

Reimagined from the ground up

Customers wanted an effortless and intuitive product experience that instilled trust, security, and peace of mind. The research also uncovered an interesting tension between users wanting a highly advanced system yet one that felt familiar to them. The resulting design and user experience was created with these needs at the heart – a beautiful, clean, and confident aesthetic, that came to life only when needed, and receded elegantly into people’s homes when not.

Although there were many technical challenges to overcome to meet the ambition of the project, the biggest design challenge was for the products to imbue psychology safety in users – helping them feel safe and secure in a healthy, happy home. A security product needs to project a sense of safety for the user while blending into the fabric of daily life.

The team created a set of design and UX principles that leaned on the liveability of the products over time. It resulted in an ecosystem of elegant products that could change their state from fitting discreetly and harmoniously in your home to coming to life when an alert is communicated or when intervention is needed. The use of AI and ML algorithms provide a more accurate detection solution by analysing data to detect any unusual activity and differentiating between false alarms and genuine threats.

The design experience

The designs were relentlessly tested with users throughout the development process, using multiple scenarios and configurations. All interactions from light, sound, and touch were carefully crafted across the digital and physical system to ensure a holistic and unified experience for all users. Capacitive touch buttons are dished to add tactility. Dead front buttons appear and disappear to simplify the interface and guide the user. The ADT branded octagon is used to form 3D geometry, add subtle surface changes and speaker openings.

The newly designed mobile app gives customers remote control over their security systems providing them with a comprehensive view of their security system’s status in real-time and allowing them to resolve any issues quickly.

The platform of physical products was designed for longevity. Timeless experiences that can be upgraded by swapping out modules for futureproofing and considerations for easy disassembly and harvesting of valuable components for eventual end of life.

A new benchmark in home security design

The new ADT+ app represents a historic shift in home security, empowering customers in their self-setup and seamlessly integrating multiple smart devices with professional monitoring and proactive mobile alert capabilities. The platform’s smart home integration allows customers to connect their ADT+ security system with other smart home devices, such as cameras, thermostats, and door locks – a significant innovation, enabling customers to have complete, and simplified control over their home security, as well as optimising their energy and reducing waste.

To date, the ADT+ suite has been awarded several prestigious awards including the Red Dot Design Award (winner with distinction), Interaction Awards (shortlisted), CES Innovation Awards (Honouree), Spark Awards (Bronze) and, User Testing Illumi Awards (Winner).

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