Food, beverage, and agriculture

Improving efficiency, reducing costs, achieving net-zero targets, and meeting consumer demands for more sustainable and nutritious food products all present opportunities for food and beverage manufacturers to innovate and grow in their markets.

Adapting to evolving dietary preferences, including plant-based and personalised nutrition, is also creating a competitive advantage in a dynamic market. And there is an increased need to strategically embed new technologies, including AI, to optimise production efficiency and support wider organisational goals.

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We’re experienced in driving growth and revenue for our food, beverage, and agriculture clients, assessing their needs and working with them to set a strategic path that encompasses prototyping, development, and piloting to successful commercial launch in their factory or market.

Our team of 400+ scientists, technologists, engineers, and strategists take our clients’ biggest challenges and deliver innovative, ‘fit for purpose’ solutions – backed by 11,000 square meters of laboratories, design and development facilities, and engineering workshops in the UK and US,

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Process and technology development

Through custom solutions ranging from innovative processes to new-to-world manufacturing lines, we unlock efficiency gains, create new and modified products and packaging, and reduce carbon emissions.

Ingredients and product development

Whether you are focusing on clean labels, product reformulation, functional food, or alternative ingredients, our team of experts can support you by delivering innovative and disruptive solutions, meeting your technical and regulatory needs and strategic goals.

Waste valorisation, sustainability, and carbon reduction

We help and inspire you to develop circular strategies and unlock economic, social, and environmental value, whether this means commercialising patents that regenerate plastic or designing waste out of your production.

Smart manufacturing, AI, and automation

Our experts in AI, smart manufacturing, automation, and other breakthrough technologies help you to improve production, increase product sustainability, and reduce costs.

Packaging design, reinvention, and materials

Our multi-disciplinary design and development expertise can help you optimise or transform your product packaging process and lifespan.

Brand strategy and consumer insights

We deploy world class multi-disciplinary qualitative and quantitative research and testing methodologies and technologies to identify key insights that help us build compelling brand, product, packaging, and service experiences.

Innovation strategy and management

Our strategists, consumer researchers, designers, and food scientists work together to identify opportunities for growth and develop holistic value propositions that create desirable experiences for consumers.

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