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Rapid advances in technology combined with evolving consumer behaviours are changing the game for retailers. Consumers are now in control – and while true customer-centricity is essential, it’s not easy to bring about.

PA’s unique teams of strategists, researchers, supply chain experts and digital technologists reimagine and reinvent retail businesses.

How will you ensure your customers always choose you?

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Our retail and services teams partner with leading global retailers and service providers to help optimise operations that fuel growth and resiliency, commercialise sustainability, and create new digital and AI powered consumer experiences. We help companies identify emerging consumer trends that drive new market innovation – offering end-to-end capabilities that bring incredible ideas directly into the hands of customers.

Successful retailers and service providers are innovating across physical and digital boundaries to elevate consumer experiences, improve organisation efficiency and accelerate time to market of new offerings. Creating the personalisation, sustainability, and buying experience that consumers demand or have not even imagined yet. This is increasingly being driven by data, AI, and advanced analytics to help retailers and service providers stay one step ahead – of both consumers and the competition.

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Market trends
Our team can help you identify new and emerging market trends and advise you on how to shift your retail strategy to create the optimum multi-channel experience for customers.
Digitisation of consumer relationships
We can work with you to identify and simplify your consumer relationships to create loyalty through personalisation and value driven opportunities for your end user.
Integrated digital and physical experiences
Customers want to have a seamless experience on digital platforms and in real-life experiences with your retail store. PA’s teams can make the omni-channel experience unified so a customer can purchase from you smoothly from any channel they decide to use.
End-to-end product innovation
From ideation to a new product available for consumers to purchase on the shelf – our team can help you every step of the way.
Our team of experts can help you minimise your environmental footprint to accelerate growth to unlock potential revenue, while helping you develop a plan to promote your responsible business practices.
Operating model redesign
Our team of retail transformation experts will help ensure your operating model remains effective by systematically reviewing and redesigning it so that it delivers on your strategy and meets the needs of your people and processes.

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