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Consumer and Retail

Today’s consumers expect more and more – whether it’s new, personalised and sustainable products or the certainty of getting them exactly when and where they want. To keep up, manufacturers and retailers must innovate - non-stop. As businesses respond to the coronavirus pandemic, the need to innovate has never been greater.

At the moment, we’re helping clients develop antiviral packaging, accelerate production of goods in short supply and repurpose supply chains for those consumers in greatest need. This builds on the work we do every day with clients, to create new revenue streams, transform operations and build competitive advantage. Our capabilities extend from market insight and taking products from creative design through development and launch, to finding new ways to connect brands with consumers.

Our teams of researchers, designers, engineers and supply chain experts work with clients from start-ups to multinationals. They’re developing new products and digital experiences and adding new manufacturing technologies to improve operations. And they’re using digital technologies to transform supply chain performance.

We work alongside our clients from locations around the world and from the design studios, science labs and engineering workshops of our Global Innovation and Technology Centre in Cambridge, UK.

So whether you are trying to maintain business as usual or dealing specifically with current challenges, we help you to: 

  • reinvent manufacturing and transform supply chains with new technology
  • design, develop and launch new products
  • cut time to market through more agile R&D
  • embrace data and digital technologies for better insight and control
  • make products and businesses more sustainable.


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