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Grid modernisation

Our approach

Utilities are diversifying their energy supply and improving sustainability as they migrate from traditional generation and distribution to advanced distributed networks and renewable sources of power. This profound transformation has significant benefits but decreases the certainties of load shapes and forecasts.

Capitalizing on these innovations in grid technology and operations requires maximising the value of the legacy electrical system, modernising business models and optimising work practices to accommodate customer and market changes.

Our insights

What we can do for you

We help utilities modernise and optimise every aspect of the grid.

Our electric operations and technology experts define and implement process, technology and operating philosophy innovations that better equip utilities to effectively deliver safe, reliable, resilient and efficient power. We use our advanced analytical, engineering, technological, regulatory and financial expertise to help maximise returns on your investments, from critical infrastructure assets to operational spends, in this time of extreme change.

We work with utilities to:

  • Optimise grid performance and efficiency
    We introduce innovative technologies to help you integrate and service the shifting demands of customers and regulators, letting you manage new and fluctuating load demands on your network. This includes providing proprietary machine learning solutions to predict and respond to failures of critical assets, applying the latest in grid technology to improve infrastructure efficiency, and modelling your distribution system and the effects of renewables and electric vehicle charging.
  • Maximise reliability and resilience
    The grid must be responsive to new challenges and performance commitments, including being able to respond to, and restore from, asset failures, natural disasters, cyber-attacks and worsening environmental conditions. We develop comprehensive strategies and implementation plans to prioritise the investments needed to minimise the effects of outages and keep your customers’ lights on.

    Our ReliabilityOne™ program, an institution recognised across the US for 20 years, brings together top performing utilities in both reliability and resilience to share and create best practices that promote grid modernisation.
  • Implement custom digital grid solutions
    We work with utilities to develop innovative custom digital solutions that provide new grid management capabilities.

    For example, utilities can improve services for customers while reducing costs with iPredict™, the world’s first artificially intelligent system for predicting failures in critical electricity distribution assets. By showing which assets are likely to fail within the next two weeks, iPredict lets utility companies plan repairs, making it possible to manage costs and turn unplanned outages into planned outages.

Client stories

How we’ll work with you

We’re a team of utility and advanced grid technology experts who have a deep understanding of power networks and the regulatory context within which you must operate. We are pragmatists dedicated to achieving results. We work alongside you as colleagues and partners, collaborating in a way that works with your culture to deliver the right outcomes for you, your customers and stakeholders.


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