Clean energy and emerging technologies

The natural gas, power, and renewable sectors have reached a tricky intersection where policy, technology and market structure collide with the need for a clean energy future, Net Zero mandates and the post-COVID-19 economic environment. 

With decades of experience working with market investors, policymakers, regulators, utilities and companies on the impacts of short- and long-term uncertainty, we’re in a unique position to help you navigate the way ahead.

Working together

We offer a collaborative approach based on our experts’ experience of policy and regulation, emerging technologies, market structure uncertainty, and the clean energy transformation to help achieve your goals. Our understanding of the interdependency of resources and emerging technologies can turn challenges into opportunities as we head to a clean energy future.

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Navigating a changing space

Our expertise has paved the way for our clients to invest over £500 billion in power generation, electricity delivery infrastructure and utilities. That’s because we understand the impact clean energy policy transformation has on these investment opportunities and their related business models and performance. We provide informed assessments of the risks and benefits, and advice on how to reposition for growth in a clean energy world.

Achieving sustainability goals

We help clients achieve their clean energy goals efficiently and cost effectively by setting clean energy policy paths, transforming business models and helping create sustainability plans.

Anticipating the road ahead

Using our knowledge of regulations, utilities and market and rate forecasting, we advise clients on the future opportunities that are anticipated to arise from a cleaner power supply, such as electrification of the transport sector or clean supply chains for energy intensive or ESG-focused corporations.

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