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Utility mergers and acquisitions

Unlocking value through due diligence

We understand the long-term value of investments in electric, gas, and water utilities. And we know the historical approach of terminal value calculations is challenged by rapidly evolving factors like the changing role of electricity and natural gas under the pressure of decarbonisation, emerging technologies, and government policies that move the market. 

Today's successful growth forecasting requires understanding and modelling these complex dynamics to derive estimates of long-term value. Through comprehensive assessment of strategic growth opportunities and risks, we'll help you maximise value across the utility business.

Working together

We’re trusted in navigating M&A strategy and diligence due to our deep knowledge of all components of the utility business model.

Our approach combines expertise across customer and load forecasting, CapEx and OpEx forecasting, rate analysis, operational assessments, and regulatory diligence. We use a combination of inter-connected models to capture emerging trends, including building electrification, EVs, ESG considerations, and fuel switching.

You’ll work with experts who have decades of industry experience, working closely with regulators, investors, and investor-owned and public power utilities.

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Utility growth opportunities

Forecasting customers, sales, and demand growth starting with bottom-up econometrics and overlaying factors such as electrification of transport and buildings and new data centers.

Capital investment opportunities

Optimising investment opportunities, developing rigorous business cases, and providing a holistic view on maximum potential investment, while maintaining affordability for customers.

Decarbonisation pathways

Understanding and planning for the implications of decarbonisation from identifying investment opportunities, meeting regulatory requirements, recognising customer behaviors, and managing growth in a reliable and affordable manner.

Regulatory environment and innovative cost recovery mechanisms

Understanding the opportunities and risks of the regulatory climate and leveraging innovative mechanisms and strategies.

Customer impacts

Evaluating capital investment and the impact on disadvantaged communities, customer rates, system resilience, and corporate ESG commitments.

Operational improvements and cost reductions

Verifying the condition of assets and discovering opportunities to make smart investments, and lower operating costs.

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