Energy transition

Building an effective climate response

Because we only have one planet.

To reverse the current climate crisis and lessen its effects on global hunger, conflict and resource scarcity, we need to limit global warming to a 1.5°C temperature increase by 2050.

To do this, we need to close the tap on 60 per cent of oil and gas reserves and leave 90 per cent of the coal in the ground.

Achieving our 1.5°C target will take ambitious planning and impactful action. We need to launch a coordinated climate response, and energy transition will play a significant role.

Five catalysts that will accelerate the energy transition

1. Conscious consumers

Consumers want sustainable products and services and are willing to pay extra for them. Public and private sectors need to provide sustainable alternatives for everyday products and educate consumers on their value.

2. Purpose-driven investment

Financial institutions are rethinking where their money is invested, focusing on companies with strong ESG fundamentals and strategies to leave fossil fuel behind.

3. Practical regulation

Personal accountability and proactive change in the private sector will only take us so far. We need policymakers to step up to drive impactful climate response.

4. Scaling up and deploying technology

We have the tools and technology to electrify infrastructure, develop clean energy more efficiently and reduce emissions. Now it’s time to scale.

5. Public and private sector collaboration

For lasting impact, we need industry players to work together to take us further, faster. Our diverse team of experts has cross-sector expertise to build impactful connections and foster collaboration.

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