Clean and smart mobility

Transportation is a huge contributor to climate change across the globe, and in the UK alone contributes over a quarter of total greenhouse gas emissions. While a transition across the sector is underway, significant change needs to happen across the value chain, and at pace, to limit global warming to a 1.5°C temperature increase by 2050.

Bringing together both transport and energy, Clean and Smart Mobility is the convergence of two vital sectors within energy transition and wider climate response. Already, advancements in clean energy infrastructure and smart transportation are transforming the mobility ecosystem, but significant challenges remain.

Fast-paced innovation, enabled by technology, will be critical to accelerating the widespread adoption of clean and smart mobility.

We cover the breadth of the ecosystem

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure providers and operators
Local government and central government
Distribution network operators
Energy retailers
Data, software and service providers
Financial investors

Three ways we're driving change

Strategy, policy development, and M&A

Supporting governments by informing policy development that leads to a transition to clean transport. This includes targeted strategies to grow adoption of EVs and investment in hydrogen power generation.

Supporting organisations and investors by providing expert market analysis that facilitates organic or inorganic growth.

Supporting businesses by developing strategies to adapt, respond to and lead the transition to smart mobility.

Design and engineering

Developing new products and propositions that support a clean transportation future.

Providing industrial and service design capabilities.

Providing technical engineering support to innovate at pace and scale.

Business and digital transformation

Leading private sector organisations as they navigate policy and regulations.

Facilitating business and digital transformations as organisations pivot to capture opportunities across the clean and smart mobility value chains.

What real change looks like

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