Water and natural resources

Water utilities around the world are facing many challenges, including tough regulatory performance hurdles, ageing infrastructure, growing water scarcity and increasing demand. We help water utilities outperform their regulatory commitments, taking full advantage of digital technology to transform operations.

Working together

Our deep expertise in regulation, bioscience, data analytics, technology, customer services transformation, and infrastructure enables us to help water companies deliver the services customers and regulators expect.

As independent advisers, we will work with you to co-create a robust strategy supported by data, expert analysis, and market experience. Whatever your organisational strengths, we add diverse and disruptive talents to help you create opportunity from complexity.

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Regulatory strategy

Our extensive experience working with regulators means we understand the objectives of new regulations and can help you develop winning strategies for price controls or other regulatory engagements. 

Performance improvement

We support companies in delivering their most challenging performance commitments, combining our sector expertise with innovative technology and analytics.

Engaging in markets

We support companies in making the best use of markets, whether that be in non-household retail, bioresources, water resources, or elsewhere.

Resilience in the round

Resilience is one of the most critical focus areas for regulators and water companies alike. We support both the regulator and water companies in their understanding of resilience and how to adopt best practice to improve the resilience of the sector.

Customer experience

Putting customers at the centre of what companies do is critical to meet the ever-increasing expectation of a great customer experience. We have considerable expertise in improving the customer experience in the digital age and producing tangible benefits for both your end-users and organisation.

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