Nuclear must play a vital role meeting our energy security needs, while driving the energy transition and helping us achieve a carbon-neutral future. But in order to do this, the industry must undergo rapid transition.

Our approach

We can’t bridge the gap between renewable capacity and the increasing demands for electricity without baseload from secure low carbon, nuclear power generation.

To be competitive, new nuclear power generation requires a step-change in overall affordability, competitiveness and performance across all segments of the nuclear fuel cycle, from design and build through to generation and sustainable decommissioning. Only through innovation, and with commitment across government, industry and their supply chain, will this be possible.

What we can do for you

Through our work on transformation programmes in other highly regulated, highly unionised industries, such as defence and security, water, rail and aviation, we understand the best practices that can drive performance across diverse nuclear assets. We do this by:

Sustaining high performance in highly regulated industry

We harness the inherent sense of purpose people in the sector feel to create a focus on performance and safety.

Maximising value across the enterprise

Stranded assets, ageing and new, need a risk managed approach to prioritisation, supported by remote operations and predictive maintenance. That means adopting advanced data analytics, including cognitive digital twinning while focusing on operational excellence and cyber security.

Reducing costs across the supply chain and manufacturing

Through our smart supply chain systems, we can challenge the nuclear supply chain premium and drive value across major delivery and manufacturing programmes. We do this by combining our expertise in systems engineering, supply chain management and manufacturing with our Perfect Cost Grid approach.

Adopting enduring change through innovation

With our Global Innovation and Technology Centre in Cambridge, UK, and our experienced team of experts, we help nuclear organisations innovate, become more agile and take a different perspective. And we do it all while embedding a sustainable culture of innovation across the organisation.

How we’ll work with you

We work with you as partners and colleagues, tailoring our diverse teams of experts to include the right expertise to create opportunity from your challenges. And we mirror your culture, prioritising safety and focusing on sustainability while delivering ever greater performance improvements.

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