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Digital utility

Our approach

Utilities are embracing digital transformation as they react to evolving customer expectations and changing regulatory requirements while maintaining safe, reliable and affordable services. Many utilities have taken a measured approach, but in the wake of COVID-19, now is the time for bold moves.

We believe that successful digital transformations are business-led and must include transforming people and operating models as well as technology. We complement digital capabilities in technology, engineering, delivery, data and analytics with utility business expertise in strategy, operations, policy, rates, regulation and markets.


What we can do for you

Supported by our expertise in utility operations, we work with utilities to:

  • Accelerate digital transformations
    We design, implement and deliver digital transformation programmes end-to-end, from creating transformation strategies, roadmaps and business cases through to assuring delivery, defining target operating models and ensuring end user acceptance.
  • Achieve digital goals with organisational agility
    Digital transformation isn’t just about adding technology over the existing organisational structure. It’s about building the culture and capability to continuously learn and improve, something that organisational agility enables. Adopting agile ways of working across the organisation – not just in IT – is critical to becoming a digital utility.
  • Create brilliant customer experiences
    The customer relationship is a company’s most critical asset. And key to improving it is creating the right digital experience. We help utilities implement digital solutions that solve current problems and strategize for future technological and regulatory disruption that will change product offerings and customer expectations.
  • Modernise every aspect of the grid
    Our electricity operations and technology experts define and implement process, technology and operational innovations that better equip utilities to effectively deliver safe, reliable and efficient power. We use our scientific, engineering, technological, regulatory and financial expertise to maximise returns on your investments, ranging from critical infrastructure assets to operational spends, in this time of extreme change.

Client stories

How we’ll work with you

We’re a team of utility operations and technology experts who know how to solve industry challenges. We’re pragmatists dedicated to achieving results. We work alongside you as colleagues and partners, collaborating in a way that works with your culture to deliver the outcomes and benefits you need.


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