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Customer experience

Our approach

We believe the customer relationship is a utility’s most valuable asset, but the world is changing. Rapidly. Driven by the relentless advancement of technology and accelerated by the incredible disruptive force of COVID-19, customer experience is undergoing a digital revolution.

Customer expectations, behaviours, and needs are changing and will continue to evolve. At the same time, with the rise of digitisation, automation and machine learning, technology continues to provide new capabilities.

We help utilities create brilliant customer experiences by defining digital strategies and guiding the implementation of comprehensive customer solutions. We provide utilities with the capability to overcome current challenges and prepare to make the most of future opportunities.

Our insights

What we can do for you

Creating brilliant customer experiences and providing meaningful engagement requires a deep understanding of customer needs, effectively implementing digital solutions and making the right process and organisational changes. To help, we work with utilities to:

  • Establish effective customer experience transformation strategies
    We first identify challenges and create a vision of desired outcomes. We then design pragmatic and comprehensive roadmaps to achieve the vision. Finally, we develop robust business cases and provide guidance and direction on how to initiate successful transformation programmes. To accelerate the process, we use a variety of tools ranging from design thinking workshops to a customer experience maturity assessment.
  • Optimise meter to cash and customer care
    We improve business and customer efficiency and effectiveness by optimising the meter to cash value chain and customer care processes.
  • Develop innovative products and services
    We employ innovation processes to create products and services that not only meet current customer needs, but also anticipate future demand. And our regulatory experience means we consider the frameworks within which utilities operate.
  • Enhance field operations
    Field operations is the face of transmission and distribution, and a critical part of the customer experience. We can transform the mobile workforce with new digital solutions and improve overall efficiency.
  • Use analytics to transform customer experience
    We work with you to translate data into actionable insights that will enhance all aspects of customer experience, including establishing fundamental data management and analytics strategies, the use of artificial intelligence and natural language processing, optimising engagement through social media, and implementing voice of the customer programmes.

Client stories

How we’ll work with you

We’re a team of utility operations and technology experts who know how to solve industry challenges. We’re pragmatists dedicated to achieving results. We work alongside you as colleagues and partners, collaborating in a way that works with your culture to deliver the outcomes and benefits you need. 


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