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life sciences

We provide a distinctive combination of management and technology consultancy. We’re innovative and pragmatic. We work with a range of teams: research and development, quality and regulatory, technical and commercial operations as well as marketing and sales. 

We can help you:

  • unlock scientific and technology advances for competitive advantage in pharma, biotech or medical devices
  • develop new products and services
  • meet patients’ demand for better healthcare, treatments and medicines
  • make the most of digital’s potential for creating more integrated healthcare products and services
  • ensure quality and regulatory compliance
  • transform data  into customer intelligence
  • improve performance and cost efficiency for greater productivity.

We combine sector insight with specialist expertise drawn from different geographies and disciplines. And we can manage change addressing the cultural, organisational, people and technological impacts.


Experience Agile. Find out what Agile can do for your organisation.

Latest insights
and client stories

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Client story

  • Global chemicals group: Finding a new role in pharmaceuticalsWe've helped a Fortune 500 global chemicals group stake out potential new ground in the market for dietary supplements. The group are already successful in producing ingredients for conventional dietary supplements and food and drink products. Our strategy experts helped them to identify their desired product formats and associated business model. The work involved narrowing down potential applications from over 70 to eight, including those related to cardiovascular and metabolic conditions. We also helped 10/08/2017
  • ARIAD Pharmaceuticals: Transforming technology to accelerate science and improve productivity for the benefit of patientsWith increasing demands placed on IT, growing biopharmaceutical company ARIAD was facing intensifying challenges with their existing IT infrastructure, systems and services - constraining their ability to operate and importantly, launch a promising new lung cancer drug. 08/03/2017
  • AstraZeneca: Transforming IT to reduce costs by a thirdWe helped AstraZeneca re-design their operating model to bring IT closer to the business. Business-facing IT teams now have end-to-end accountability for IT solutions and software applications that support their staff and new, local IT teams to provide a single point of accountability at every company site. 18/01/2017
  • A pharmaceutical company - Implementing a new shared services group | Future of HealthcareFollowing a merger, stakeholders frequently become dissatisfied because the projected benefits are not realised. To pre-empt this danger, one pharmaceutical company brought in PA to help design and implement a new shared service group to meet the newly merged entity's financial needs. This group was to provide transaction processing as well as financial accounting and payroll functions. 16/07/2009
  • AstraZeneca: Supporting their agile transformationAstraZeneca appointed PA to support their transformation. PA provided the organisational change management expertise, agile transformation strategy, training and coaching. The first step in the adoption of agile was to appoint and train change leaders across the organisation to guide teams through the agile transformation. 15/11/2016
  • Astrazeneca: Transforming IT and establishing a robust programme structureAlex Small, programme lead for the AstraZeneca Emerald Programme, talks about working with PA to design and execute the programme that would radically change the IT landscape within AstraZeneca. 02/08/2016

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