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We know that too often strategy projects fail. Why? Lots of reasons. We see strategies designed in ivory towers, strategies with no basis in commercial reality, strategies applied with a 'cookie cutter' from one organisation to another, and most often, we see strategies designed without attention to pragmatic delivery in the real world.

At PA we work with you to solve your most complex and valuable strategic and growth-related problems, based on rigorous analysis, market insights and a pragmatic assessment of your capabilities. Our innovative methods and approach build commitment across your organisation to ensure your goals are achievable in practice and not just on paper.

It feels different to work with us. We listen hard. We think differently. We bring experts, including people who get technology – not just IT. We deliver fast and we flex to suit your organisation, making sure that results stick.


Here’s what we can help you with:

  • Develop winning strategies that make sense of your evolving market landscape and define clearly where to play, ensuring you’re taking the right decisions for your organisation.
  • Define and develop new products, services and experiences underpinned by compelling business models and monetisation strategies, keeping you ahead of the competition.
  • Use our unique PA innovation framework to quickly and robustly turn ideas into reality, supporting your innovation purpose and realising value.
  • Improve the way you deliver your products and services, with the right pricing and loyalty strategies, sales effectiveness, channel strategy and channel design, maximising ROI on every activity.
  • Work with you through the M&A process: evaluating targets, undertaking due diligence, making sure you are executing and managing the most valuable acquisitions in the most effective way.

Our approach is built on five core principles:

  • Rigor – our analysis and methods make sure the strategies we design are grounded in the real world and make economic, commercial and strategic sense.
  • Focus – we listen hard, and stay focused on your most important issues, bringing the best of our wider organisation to bear to solve them fast.
  • Pragmatism – the strategies we recommend are always achievable in practice, not just on paper, tried and tested with 70 years of innovation track record.
  • Value – with our KPI, benchmarking and commercial nous, we create the framework to achieve the fastest route to value.
  • Technology – with our unique Technology capability, we can bring you the full range of scientists, technologists and engineering expertise – as well as our digital and IT capabilities –to execute your strategies.

We believe strategy development is a continuous process. So we stay flexible, challenge convention and are always open and transparent in our work with you.

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