Economics and investment strategy

Whatever outcomes you are seeking to achieve, our team of economists, modellers and business case experts help you make robust, evidence-based decisions.

By combining deep economics expertise, industry knowledge and a structured decision-making approach, we can help you understand the potential impacts, benefits and return on investment from your decisions – helping you drive effective change.

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We show you how different strategic choices are likely to play out and quantify the costs, benefits and risks associated with each option. We explore multiple future scenarios, so you clearly understand how changes in supply and demand may impact your decision, and where potential further opportunities may lie.

Our sector knowledge makes strategic analysis faster, richer and more relevant. Our team have used this knowledge to accurately model how to allocate critical medical equipment during the Covid-19 pandemic and have explored the future workforce needs of a police force.

We deliver high profile work that has directly impacted government policy. We often respond to the latest political events and trends. Our experience extends from government bodies to small businesses getting started with formal business planning.

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We apply economic principles and analysis to support you to develop policy and strategic decisions, understanding the potential impacts on the people you serve.
Investment strategy
We combine strategy, economics and financial expertise to help secure investments in public sector infrastructure and technology.
Our team of modelling experts help you to make the most of the data available for their most high profile and critical decisions.
Energy market and utility advisory
We work with you to anticipate the future, champion innovation, and unlock new potential in energy and utilities markets.

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