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Cyber and digital trust

Our approach

We help protect your organisation's most important assets against cyber threats. We're used to working in the most challenging environments, so you can be confident we're on top of the most serious threats.

We set the standard for best practice cyber security – we have created national and industry-wide best practice that is now widely used across private and public sector organisations.


What we can do for you

From penetration testing to long-term cultural change and everything in between, our work gives you confidence that your assets are properly protected. Together with 7Safe, our technical security and cyber education business, we help organisations to build digital trust and cyber resilience, and develop their own cyber security capability.

Here's what we can do:

  • help you understand the real cyber security risks facing your organisation and establish robust and pragmatic governance, and the associated management systems, to address those risks

  • develop security solutions that are right for your organisation – from high-level cyber security strategy and tailored security operations centres (SOCs) down to security solutions and controls for managing identity and access

  • test your technical solutions to find out how resilient they are. If there are vulnerabilities, our team of technical security specialists, 7Safe, will find them

  • respond quickly to a cyber incident to secure your systems, then find the root cause so we can fix it and stop the same thing happening again

  • help you build security into your organisation’s DNA, maximising protection in a way that just increasing monitoring and controls doesn't. This includes running cyber 'war games' to find out how ready your business is to respond

  • provide training and professional development for your security professionals. Our specialist team, 7Safe, are leaders in the market

  • get you ready for the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ensure you avoid the high penalties (4% of global revenues) for non-compliance

  • understand and address cyber security risk to industrial control systems.

Client stories

How we’ll work with you

We combine technical expertise with deep sector insight. That means we get the specific challenges you face – and develop a response that's specific to your needs.

It doesn't matter what level of maturity your existing security programmes have reached. Whether you're at the leading edge or just getting going, we tailor our approach to reflect your situation.


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