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Launching an award winning Internet of Things cloud platform to handle 24 million messages a day

Instead of physically checking pest management devices at sites on a regular basis, we worked with Rentokil to develop connected devices to collect, analyse and share data in the cloud. This allowed the company to operate more efficiently and improve services to their customers.

Key successes

  • Created a cloud platform to support the expansion of the connected business to 10,000 sites
  • Launched a new platform which now operates in 12 countries with unlimited scalability
  • Used agile approaches to accelerate the roll out of the project

Harnessing the power of digital

Everyone wants foods and medicines to be manufactured and stored in clean, hygienic premises. Rentokil’s pest control services allow businesses in these sectors to maintain those conditions, meeting strict safety standards and – ultimately – to trade.

The company had already spotted the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve its services. At 1,000 customer sites, it was using traps fitted with sensors that sent a message whenever the trap needed clearing or maintenance. As a result, Rentokil has the ability to monitor a customer’s location 24/7 and have real-time updates on any infestation. This enables Rentokil to provide a more pro-active pest management service based on customer needs.

Rentokil wanted to expand the connected business to 10,000 sites within less than a year – but its infrastructure was already struggling with the volume of data the sensors were generating. The company asked PA’s digital and IoT experts to create a cloud platform to support the expansion.

We had huge confidence that PA could deliver for Rentokil Initial – and that proved to be well placed. The team’s thoughtful, creative and collaborative approach means we have ended up with something much more powerful than we envisaged at the outset. This platform provides extraordinary insight into our operations and our customers’ needs, and opens up new possibilities for future innovation. This is the foundations of our digital business.”
Director of IT at Rentokil Initial

Taking an agile approach

Time was of the essence so, working with our partner, Google, we chose an Agile approach to develop the platform quickly. With six bursts of activity (‘sprints’) we made rapid progress and showed early on how the solution would deliver value. We launched the new platform successfully in 12 countries. The new platform gives Rentokil the capacity to meet its immediate expansion target and offers effectively unlimited scalability for the future. This will become key as the company takes advantage of its data to build stronger relationships with customers, increase the flexibility, responsiveness and profitability of its operations and become a truly digital business.

PA is a leading organisation in the agile delivery of IoT and Cloud solutions. We have been an award-winning Google for Work partner for five years – see examples of our IoT or Cloud agile delivery work with Google.

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