Operational resilience

The ability to prevent, respond to, recover and learn from operational disruptions is a key priority for any business. 

In uncertain times, leaders need to keep their organisation running effectively, keep their services available and, more most importantly, their people and customers safe.

Working together

We build resilient businesses that thrive in uncertain environments and protect the most important services offered to customers and markets. We create the capability our client’s need to prevent, adapt and respond to operational disruption.

Our focus on Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) means that we can identify risks in your supply chain and make sure your suppliers have the right controls in place for you to keep your services resilient.

Having run over 200 operational resilience projects in recent years, our team are experts in helping you respond to challenges quickly, deploy resources effectively, mitigate disruption and remain resilient and adaptive.

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Regulatory alignment
Helping firms to align with and embed operational resilience regulatory requirements.
Third party risk management
Identifying and mitigating risk in your supply chain.
Important Business Service (IBS) definition
Defining IBSs, impact tolerances, mapping, governance and ownership.
Simulation, exercising and testing
Scenario testing and board level simulation of severe but plausible scenarios.
Designing resilient organisations
We can design an operating model for a resilient organisation.
Incident and crisis management
Our team of experts can prepare your organisation for major incidents.

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