Curious and intentional

How Nordic organisations are investing in data-driven success

For digitally focused organisations, data equals value. Delving into data can increase revenue, minimise costs, and improve strategic decisions. Cloud-based data management solutions, especially when powered by artificial intelligence (AI), are helping organisations do more with data – much more. 

These new solutions are lowering barriers to access and helping organisations move from digital to intelligent. The time to start experimenting with these solutions is now.

To find out what it takes to become truly data-driven, we surveyed executive managers and digital specialists from small to large enterprises across multiple industries in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland. We explored their level of investment in data-driven infrastructure, mapped their expectations against reality, and assessed their attitudes and approach to new solutions.

Organisations expect to benefit from advanced data tools and new AI, machine learning, and cloud solutions – but this expectation does not always lead to reality. Our geo-specific research uncovers widely applicable findings to increase data maturity across all industries and markets, prompting organisations to get curious and intentional.

Choose a curious future

The most data-driven, digitally mature organisations are willing to invest in new data solutions, and adopt an experimental, curious attitude to support success. This helps to identify further opportunities, strengthen data strategies, and generate a greater return on investment.

Based on our survey findings and expert insights we offer four recommendations to help organisations achieve their data aspiration:

1. Evaluate less, do more.

2. Empower your people.

3. Invest in cloud.

4. Share your data.

While informed by geo-specific research, these recommendations apply to all industries and global markets. Together, they provide unshakable foundations for data-driven success across all teams and functions.

How we can help

As specialists in cloud security with 1,300 data and digital engineers delivering projects in five countries, our experts will help you do more with your data.

Working closely with your digital and IT teams, we’ll:

  • Identify the most value-adding solutions and methodologies for your unique needs based on a complete understanding of your organisation’s structure, people, processes, and data maturity level.
  • Co-create a robust plan to increase data maturity that takes your organisation from digital to truly intelligent
  • Build the skills and confidence of your people, co-developing training and embedding best practice
  • Ensure full compliance with all applicable data protection laws and security requirements, protecting your organisation throughout your digital transformation and beyond.

Our proven approach combines deep data and digital expertise, strategic understanding, and close partnership working. We help you set your goals and make them real, maximising the potential of your people while providing the technical knowledge to turn ambitions into reality.

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