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The Danish higher education sector in a time of upheaval

Since 2004, PA has surveyed senior managers at UK higher education institutions to uncover trends and expectations for the sector. This year, we also conducted the survey with leaders at Danish universities and university colleges. 

We unveiled the report in Copenhagen, bringing together senior leaders and key stakeholders from Danish universities to discuss the findings and implications for the future.

Much like in the UK, Danish institutions are navigating complex global and regional events, growing competition, funding gaps, and shifting student numbers. Digitalisation and new technologies have the potential to improve teaching quality, boost innovative research, and streamline administration. 

However, to build a stronger, more successful higher education sector, 60 percent of respondents agree fundamental reform is required.

Three key aspects

1. Student enrolments and demographics

Income from students is declining, and demographic trends reveal decreasing youth cohorts. How can universities address the decline?

2. Research – public and private

Universities increasingly rely on private research funding, but unlike public grants, this funding does not cover research activity overheads. How can Danish universities work with private foundations to improve funding?

3. Digitalisation and new technology

Emerging solutions such as AI will fundamentally change higher education. Modernised systems and watertight cyber security are vital to unlocking improvements. How can universities mitigate risks and maximise opportunities?

Technology and digitalisation are a crucial lever for digital transformation. Respondents are focusing on digitalising and adjusting operations, processes, and systems, alongside education and research.

New technology, generative AI, and increased digitalisation are impacting student experience, research, and administrative processes. But, equipped with new thinking and innovative tools, institutions are adapting to and capitalising on change.

How we can help

Our higher education experts help institutions to thrive through:

  • Designing and implementing digital transformations
  • Redesigning operating models
  • Reimagining the future student and academic experience
  • Creating more Agile organisations
  • Working through what AI means for our clients
  • Fostering local and place-related vision-sharing.

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