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A global movement towards increased data privacy is changing the way companies do business. The EU GDPR has become the gold standard for individual privacy and many governments around the world are developing similar legislation.

While such change can seem to be a threat to business, it isn’t. It can offer the motivation to work in a better way and seize a competitive advantage.

Working together

Consumers and employees are increasingly concerned about how organisations use their personal data and expect robust protection. Those with the best answers to these questions see a huge uplift in reputation, customer trust and loyalty.

The best approach to new privacy legislation is to embrace its spirit, rather than treat it as a tick-box compliance exercise. Our practical approach to data privacy and ethics ensures compliance while creating competitive advantage. 

Our trusted and IAPP-certified team of experts have completed over 150 data privacy programmes around the world, including working with a number of Data Protection regulators in UK, Europe and Middle East.

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Privacy maturity improvement
Managing end-to end transformation of your organisation’s data privacy capability.
Managed privacy services
Providing managed services in your privacy operations to help you focus on your core objectives, create efficiencies and bring the right expertise at the right time.
Complex Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA)
Conducting complex DPIAs in areas such as Life Sciences, Connected Medical Devices, Big Data, AdTech and Analytics.
Privacy automation and tool implementation
Bringing efficiencies to your privacy operations with the use of automation and tool implementation.
Data ethics
Designing and implanting data ethics frameworks to build trust in data and AI operation.

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