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Traditional business models are being disrupted. Many organisations are struggling to stay relevant, innovate and keep up-to-date with the latest technology trends in an ever-changing market.

In response, they are investing heavily in building digital and agile capabilities, to help them offer more innovative goods and services, get to market faster and increase productivity. To do this, they need access to top quality digital engineering talent. But the battle for digital talent is fierce, and many organisations are struggling to secure the skills that they need.

That's where our Digital Engineering Pods come in. Designed to help our clients build their long-term digital capability as well as to augment capacity, our pods offer industry-leading, highly-skilled digital expertise – ready to go.

What is a digital engineering pod?

Our Digital Engineering Pods are agile, cross-functional and co-located teams that work with your existing in-house team. A Pod typically consists of five software engineers, who are well-versed in Agile and DevOps delivery methods and have a breadth of skills across cloud platforms, tools and technologies.

Our Pods have:

  • expertise across the full technology stack
  • access to the latest tools and technologies, and industry-leading training
  • support through partnerships with the world's most recognised technology companies
  • a commitment to growing the capability of in-house teams
  • the backing of the full breadth of PA's digital transformation and delivery expertise.

How we work with you

Our Digital Engineering Pods hit the ground running on day one. We work collaboratively with in-house teams and are highly results-oriented, so that we deliver value from the outset.

Importantly, our pods are also committed to knowledge transfer and building in-house capability. Through a variety of knowledge sharing techniques – such as on-the-job coaching, communities and best practice development – we work in partnership with our clients to ensure the right skills and capability are built for the long term.

Our pods also have direct access to PA's wider digital and innovation expertise – including the Internet of Things, connected devices, data and analytics, cloud and our Digital Innovation Lab – as well as our industry experts.

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