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Sustainable finance

Helping financial services to innovate, adapt and create a more sustainable future

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Firms know they need to be more than just strong voices on ESG, but strong actors too.

They need to look beyond the regulatory obligations and risk of non-compliance to see sustainability as non-negotiable for their customers and a serious driver of profit.

For financial services, we believe success will come from taking an outside-in approach that seeks insight from new players and wider industries, and from applying a holistic internal strategy to embed sustainability end-to-end.

Report: Financial services can change the world by empowering the concious consumer


The financial services sector has a pivotal role to play in driving the world in a more sustainable direction - to be strong voices as well as strong actors. Read our report to discover the thoughts, motivations and barriers for 3,500 consumers, as well as our expert thinking on what firms can do today.

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Framework for breakthrough impact on the SGDs through innovation

Practical guidance for leaders companies on how to use the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as an inspiration for innovation and orient their innovation processes to better address the SDGs.

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Circular business model design guide

A practical guide to help business leaders identify circular opportunities and design business models that create, deliver and capture value in ways that also benefit society and the environment.

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Circular Business Competencies Building

Gaps in business function specific knowledge & skills for a circular economy

Published summer 2019 as part of an ongoing Ellen MacArthur Foundation CE100 collaborative project

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TheCityUK's Annual Conference 2021 | Supporting a sustainable recovery
TheCityUK's Annual Conference 2021 | Supporting a sustainable recovery


Mark Lancelott

PA business design and sustainability expert

Jason Hill

PA financial services expert